XavierPanama XavierPanama 3 April 2013

New Disney Fan Fiction!

You must wonder why I say that when I’m on here every day. Well, the truth is, I’ve just exceeded 1,710 edits, so that’s 700 to go before I get my 10000th Edit. But, while I was watching the ramp stunt, and at the grocery store, I thought of something that might interest you, might make you despise me forever.

I’m going to accept ideas for DisneyFanFiction, in your way of speaking.

To me, it sounds like something to be fairly excited about: “FanFiction” of Disney. Some pals of mine said it was a good idea, and that they’d contribute their ideas.

"Disney Fan Fiction Wiki" an article that features fan stories based on Disney movies that anyone can edit. please click here instead.

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XavierPanama XavierPanama 26 September 2012

Minnie Mouse rescue to Mickey in the movie

Minnie Mouse to the Rescue in Tokyo is an upcoming spin-off of DisneyToon Studios about a Minnie Mouse The Movie.

Minnie Mouse was a Heroire in Tokyo with new friends, she can rescue Mickey in new villanous.

Mickey and Minnie was the vacation in Tokyo, Mickey is captured by evil witch and she took a place in the mountains of Tsunami.

Minnie Mouse learned the martial arts. She wears a new outfit: a moon green undershirt in the imagen of heart with a cyan skirt and with orange boots.

Minnie and his friends: Keima Tosha, a boy and Clove Nuku a girl travels the group slowly realizes just how the heroes to save Mickey Mouse from the evil witch.

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