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Hello, I wanted to write a fic for the disney movie Hocus Pocus, and since there was no section for it, so I decided to put it under disney since it's a disney movie. Anyway, please R&R!

Disclaimer: I don't own Hocus Pocus or any of the characters.

Summary: It has been six years since the events of 1993, the fateful night when a virgin lit the Black Flame candle and brought back the infamous Sanderson sisters. But now, some way, some how, the sisters are back again and are ready to wreak havoc. So once again Dani, Allison, Max and possibly Zachary must reunite to put a stop to them... once again.

Underworld for Halloween, Hades the Lord of the Underworld plans to conquer Halloween. The soul approaches Hades, introduces the Sanderson Sister and all but demands to be sent back. Hades is at first unconcerned, but they find a common ground and they both have been defeated by Max and Allison.

Since 1994 there have been multiple interests in creating a sequel, due to the open-ending of the first film. The main idea would be a "Re-lighting of the Black Flamed Candle". A few scripts have been written, and as of 2011, Walt Disney Pictures have been contemplating their production.


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